Istanbul Research Institute

Istanbul, the capital city of many influential civilizations, such as the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, is the perfect starting point of a journey that sets out to discover both the “big city” identity shaped over thousands of years and the different cultural geographies around the city. The Istanbul Research Institute aims to discover Istanbul’s history, cultural structure and human profile, with a focus on Byzantine, Ottoman and Republic periods, by following the traces of civilization which spread from the center to its surroundings.  The Institute develops and supports projects that feed this purpose and works to share the results of these efforts through national and international events with related institutions and the public, and through a rich publication series.  The Institute intends to achieve its main purposes in accordance with the programs of Byzantine, Ottoman and Republic Research departments, which were created under the Institute’s umbrella.

The Istanbul Research Institute is located in a historical building which was constructed by the architect Guglielme Semprini in late 19th century in Tepebaşı. In addition to the Institute’s gallery, which displays exhibitions that resonate with Institute projects, the Institute has a library that is open to all readers and an Information and Documentation Center. The Institute aims to represent Istanbul at an international level and to protect modern scientific standards.