AKMED Castle Museum

Two buildings in Antalya’s historical sector, Kaleiçi, which are registered by the government to be protected and preserved as cultural heritage sites, were bought by the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation. With the support of the foundation, both buildings underwent a meticulous restoration process. In 1996, the buildings opened for public viewing as the “AKMED Kaleiçi Museum”.

The first building of the Museum, which consists of two different structures, is a two-story example of a traditional “Antalya house”. When the visitor goes upstairs, he finds himself surrounded by the old pictures of the city, nostalgic reflections of “the mirror of past tense” and other scenes from the Anatolian culture such as coffee treats, ceremony of a groom’s haircut, henna night, all supported by effects.

The other building of the museum is Aya Yorgi (Agios Georgios) Church, which was constructed in 1986. After a two-year restoration process, the building opened as an exhibition salon for cultural purposes. A rich collection of Çanakkale Seramics is on display in the main section of the structure and short-term themed exhibitions associated with the local culture take place upstairs.