Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute

The Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute organizes scientific, cultural and educational events, such as national and international conferences, symposiums, colloquiums and exhibitions, all of which appeal to many segments of the society, with the main principal of being “a living institute” studying the dynamics of Mediterranean Civilizations. It provides undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD scholarships to students of ancient civilizations and gives scientific grants. It also supports archeological excavations, restorations, surface examinations and projects in the Anatolian Mediterranean region.

ADALYA, the yearly periodical of the Institute since 1996, is a highly distinguished scientific journal, acknowledged by A&HCI (Art & Humanities Citation Index) and CC/A&H (Current Contents/Art & Humanities). The other periodical, ANMED (Anatolian Mediterranean Archeology News), is published in both Turkish and English.  The ANMED publication acts as a reflection of scientists in the field and includes reports of recent excavations, surface examinations, preservation efforts and restoration projects conducted every year by scientific committees.

The Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute was founded before the official opening of the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation, under the Vehbi Koç Foundation, in 1996.